Promotional days for PDO Chios Mastiha in New York, under the program “European PDO Products: Precious Drops

50 promotional days took place in America’s Healthiest Grocery Store, Whole Foods, introducing Chios Mastiha products to the American consumers.
September 2017

More than 12.000 consumers of the largest natural food supermarket in the United States were acquainted with the PDO Chios Mastiha products. During the promotional days, a customized stand was set up at 11 Whole Foods stores, where a trained team of promoters was offering an informative brochure along with samples of Chios Mastiha. The promoters were informing about the meaning of the PDO stamp and the benefits of Mastiha consumption. The consumers of Whole Foods appreciated the products and were very interested in being informed about the high standards of EU products and EU quality logos.

The event took place in the framework of the program “European PDO Products: Precious Drops”, financed with aid from the European Union and Greece.