Chios Mastiha Oil

PDO Chios Mastic Oil*, produced by distillation of natural Mastiha, is 100% natural product, white or yellowish liquid with a strong Mastiha aroma. Ιt is used primarily in medical, pharmaceutical, and gastronomic industry. It is used in body care products such as antiseptic creams, oral hygiene products like toothpaste and antibacterial solutions, as well as in flavour bakery wares, sugar confectionery and drinks, those being just a few of its uses.

• Mastiha Flavour is an oleaginous mixture of natural Mastic Oil with a vegetable oil, suitable for the production of a large number of special products in the nutrition and cosmetology industry.

• Mastiha Water is a natural aqueous extract, produced during the distillation process. It is available for industrial use.

*Mastiha: Mastic Gum