• Recipe for adhesive plaster of Chios Mastiha


    • ​20 grams of Chios Mastiha
    • 50 grams of Benzol
    • 20 drops linseed oil

    This recipe has been used by nurses during the First World War and proposes an effective solution to the protection of injuries.

    Ref: Medical USA war manual No.5 “Lessons from the Enemy: How Germany cares for her war disabled”, by John Mc.DILL, M.D, F.A.C.S, 1918

  • Wax cream of Chios Mastiha oil


    • ​40 grams organic olive oil
    • 20 grams beeswax
    • 40 grams almond oil
    • 20 grams natural Chios mastiha


    Heat up the oils in a double boiler or bain marie, add beeswax, and then Chios mastiha.  Wait for the mix to cool off and then
    ​pour it in a sterilized glass jar.